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The Beingday Movement

It Is Joyous You Came Into Being

Everyone has a beingday, conception day; figure out when, plus or minus, a few days, and then celebrate that joyous day.

Beingday E-Cards

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Remember: Beingday is every day!
You can wish someone any time a sentiment you're joyous they came into being, and you can celebrate their actual beingday—conception day, the anniversary day they came into being.
Birthdays are great, but beingdays are better! Happy Beingday!

Beingday vs. Birthday

Start of Life
Beingday, conception day, makes everything in life possible and is the beginning of one's actual age.
Beingday Is A Highway
Everything else⁠—birthday, graduation, etc.⁠—stops on the beingday highway.
Twice The Fun
Two are better than one; celebrate both beingdays and birthdays.

Celebrate Beingday

#1 - Figure Out Beingday

One way to figure out someone's beingday is to use a reverse birth calculator using the actual birthday. The day chosen doesn't have to be perfect; the sentiment is what matters. Have fun finding the day and sharing stories.

#2 - Plan And Invite

Have fun planning beingday party. Also, remember this isn't a birthday and is new. So, come up with new traditions and customs making it personal. Then invite your family and friends.

#3 - Celebrate Beingday

Happy Beingday! It's your day! Celebrate and have fun. It is joyous you came into being.

Send Free Beingday E-Cards -->

Whether wishing someone a sentiment any time or telling someone a happy beingday, you are sure to find a fitting e-card. New e-cards are added regularly.
Beingday makes everything in life possible. Happy Beingday!


Raise Money
Sell beingday greeting cards and more to help raise funds for your cause.
Beingday Song
Use the "Happy beingday to you" song royalty-free for all your events and fundraising.
Celebrate Life
If your cause celebrates life, this movement is definitely for you. Plus, we will offer free e-card hosting for charities celebrating life. Charities create custom e-cards, and Beingday.com will host them, allowing charities and their communities to send them.
Everyone Has One
Everyone has a beingday. So, why not increase your supporter base by joining this movement.

Traditions & Customs

Beingdays has its traditions and customs; anyone can create new ones too.

Choosing Ceremony**

Hold a ceremony announcing the day chosen for the beingday of a loved one. Invite family and friends to witness the joyous event. You can present the ‘one candle per life.’

One Candle of Life

One candle per life. The same single long-lasting candle is lit every year of beingday during the beingday song and blown out at the end of the song. Replacement candles are lit one minute for every year of the current beingday age to prepare for beingday celebration. Upon passing, burn the remainder of the candle in remembrance. Alternatively, a single candle is acquired yearly and burned for the entire celebration day.

Token Exchange

Every life is a gift. Everyone brings a token gift to exchange, and the host provides a token gift for the beingday person. Everyone draws a number; the beingday person is always last and unwraps the last unwrapped gift and has the option to exchange. Each chooses to pick a token from the pile of presents or take one from the already chosen gifts. Note: The person who had it taken must choose a wrapped gift and open it before the next person takes their turn.

**The basics of beingday, it is essential to determine an official beingday. Choosing can be fun and exciting, so consider all the variables and pick the official beingday, then record and celebrate it on that joyous day.

If necessary, you can guesstimate without variables, choose a day close enough, and then document and celebrate it.

Remember, birthdays are not perfect either, and yet we incorrectly identify them as one's age in life. The reality is that one's beingday is the official day one came into being and when a person's actual age begins.

Birthdays are not even close to a person's true age and are just milestones of one coming into being.

The Happy Beingday Song

"Happy beingday to you"

Happy beingday to you
Happy beingday to you
Happy beingday, dear [NAME]
Happy beingday to you.

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Join the movement with music and singing. Happy Beingday!!!
Spread the word and celebrate beingdays. It is that simple to join. Happy Beingday

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Everyone has a beingday, conception day. And as such, we should recognize it, both culturally and legally.
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