It Is Joyous You Came Into Being!

Celebrate your conception day, your beingday.

'Being day' is every day, but 'beingday' is a for special days!

You can express your joy for someone's existence at any time on any being day, and you can also celebrate their official beingday, a.k.a. conception day, on the anniversary of their coming into being.

Celebrate Beingday

#1 - Figure Out Beingday

One way to estimate someone's beingday, or the day of their conception, is to use a reverse birth calculator based on their actual birthday. This can give you a rough estimate of when the person was conceived, although it is not always possible to determine the exact date with certainty.

It is important to remember that the day chosen does not have to be perfect; the sentiment behind it is what matters. So have fun trying to figure out someone's beingday and sharing stories about their life and the journey they have taken.

#2 - Plan And Invite

Planning a beingday party can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially if you come up with new traditions and customs that make the occasion personal and meaningful. Remember that beingday is not the same as a birthday, so it's a good idea to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to celebrate this special day.

Once you have your plans in place, don't forget to invite your family and friends to join in the celebration. They will appreciate being a part of this unique and meaningful occasion.

#3 - Celebrate Beingday

Happy beingday! Today is your special day, and it's a time to celebrate and have fun. Remember that it is joyous that you came into being and that your existence is worth celebrating.

So take some time to do something that makes you happy and appreciate the gift of life. Have a great beingday!

The Happy Beingday Song

"Happy beingday to you"

Happy beingday to you
Happy beingday to you
Happy beingday, dear [NAME]
Happy beingday to you.

"Happy beingday to you" lyrics © 2022 All rights reserved.

Join the movement with music and singing. Happy Beingday!!!