Holding sparkler
Choosing Ceremony

Consider holding a ceremony to announce the day chosen for a loved one's beingday. This can be a meaningful and special way to celebrate the occasion and pay tribute to the person's life. Invite family and friends to join in the celebration and witness the joyous event.

They will appreciate being a part of this special moment and sharing in the joy of the occasion.

Holding a sparkler during the announcement of the chosen beingday can add a fun and celebratory element to the ceremony. It creates a festive atmosphere and can make the event feel more special and memorable. Everyone can hold a lit sparkler while the chosen beingday is announced, creating a beautiful and joyful display.

You could also consider having sparklers as a part of the ceremony to add a unique touch, like lighting them all at once, or passing them out to everyone as a way to celebrate. You could also take group photo with sparklers.

It's important to keep in mind that sparklers can be dangerous if not handled properly, so ensure that safety precautions are taken and that children are supervised when using sparklers.